Unique Metal Wall Art that Brings the Vintage Style Memories Forward

Here we go with a fantastic selection of traditional and contemporary styles of unique art designs—the ideal way to add some personality to commercial wall space! This unique art is exclusively designed for a marriage function hall.

We embellished the convention hall main entrance door with simple contemporary brass metal accessories and added a long pull handle.

With its exquisite designs and a variety of colors, wall art can elevate any wall in a banquet hall to a statement piece. You can instantly glam up the walls of a convention hall with metal wall art, creating an intimate and welcoming atmosphere in to the hall. Metal Wall Art is versatile, stylish, and a true reflection of your event, making it a game-changer for your walls.

The inside walls of the hall are adorned with peacock metal art and a unique vintage wedding concept. Add some wall space with a metal-embellished wedding palanquin and contemporary, colorfully patina-finished wall art. The other wall is embellished with contemporary patina-finished wall art in the center and a brass antique finished bride and groom design.


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