Brass Designs for Home Interior

Discover Brass Designs for Home Interior at Laiton Crafts

  Discover Brass Designs for Home Interior at Laiton Crafts. We creates Brass Embellishments, Brass Handles, Wall Murals, Partition Grills, Brass Railing, Sculptures, Metal accessories, Pooja Accessories and Nameplates which are intended entirely with various inventive materials which has executed by our craftsman. We mix the styles of Traditional and Contemporary to create unique. Our art work goes through different procedures, which involves searching for unique designs. We keep heart and soul everything we do. And also we creates customized products as per client’s requirement. All our products manufactured by handmade with specialised and professionalised artists, craftsmens, skilled labour. For

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Design your home Main Door

Design your home Main Door with intuitive Brass Designs

A one-of-a-kind main door can instantly transform the appearance of your exteriors. In addition, it is the first thing they see when they arrive and the last thing they think about when they leave. Additionally, a striking design for the front door serves as a memento for visitors to the house. Visitors may quickly forget about “that house with the normal door,” but will always remember “that house with the brass embellishments on main door”. According to the ancient science of Vaastu, metal brass main doors bring wealth, happiness, good fortune, and positivity. Here are the unique and contemporary designs

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